A sustainable food lab, developing collaborative design practice in Sweden

Värt is a sustainable event space in Göteborg, working on the topic of “svinn”, sustainability and up-cycling. In their approach all types of waste are included.

To really demonstrate how Värt taps into circular economy, social economy and environmental challenges, they have built a food lab. In it, they cook, serve and cater food made from food waste gathered from various partners, such as restaurant, wholesales and local producers. This makes for fine ingredients and products, from which their dedicated gastro-chefs create delicious and colorful menus.


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[svinn (noun). – et. plural – edible food waste]

The word “svinn” is a Swedish word for the part of an inventory that wasn’t utilized or properly taken care of and tossed out due to a change in packaging, overstock, seasonal variations or short expiration dates.