Avanzi Popolo 2.0

Foodsharing made in Puglia and fighting poverty actions through the recovery of excess food

Avanzi Popolo 2.0 is a project managed by a volunteering association named APS Farina 080 Onlus, that aims to activate citizens against food waste.

The project is active in Bari (South of Italy) and the main activities are:

  • Saving food that risks to be wasted, linking “waste-places” (retailers, conferences, fairs, events, wedding parties…) with “need-places” (NGOs, associations, soup kitchens…). Avanzi Popolo 2.0 acts as intermediary, connecting companies (in the production, transformation, distribution or restoration field) with charities and other organizations able to deliver food to needy people, trying to create stable partnerships. So far in this way we have saved more than 16.500 kg of food;
  • Managing the foodsharing web-platform www.avanzipopolo.it where anybody can upload food that risks not to be consumed before its best-by-date or ask for food that somebody else has previously uploaded. So far we have have recorded on the website more than 120 peer-to-peer food-exchanges;
  • Educating, training and making advocacy about food waste, organizing events, workshops, campaigns etc.

Moreover the association manages:

  • a public social general store in an urban periphery where needy families, identified by the Municipality through a public call, can buy (through virtual money distributed every month on the family income basis) food, clothes and toys for children aged between 3 months and 5 years.
  • a network of seven social/community fridges located in places open to the public (a university, a church, a co-working space…) open to everybody who intends to offer or take food.

Our strategy in each of these actions is building a community of people caring about food waste. We learned that fighting food waste is not a matter of technological tools (apps, platforms…) but of community building. More information are available on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/avanzipopolo.


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