Cutia țăranului (“The Peasant’s Box”)

A direct connection between local producers and urban consumers

Cutia țăranului (“The Peasant’s Box”) is an initiative which directly connects local producers and urban consumers, by by-passing the conventional food sale system. Families of peasants assemble a box of seasonal products out of their own production (vegetables, meat, milk products, preserves, juices, baked goods  etc.), which is then regularly delivered to urban consumers (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly etc.). The content of the box changes during the year according to what the season is offering. The price of the box is fixed, irrespective of its content; thus, potential errors are eliminated and the choice of whether “I want the box or not” – as the initiators put it – is simplified.

The initiative also aims at creating relationships built on trust between its members, in order to exclude the need for a product guarantee system. Their focus is on nurturing relationships between families of people who produce the food and the people who consume it.

Founded in Cluj, it is active in 8 cities across Romania, currently facilitating two dozen producers feeding over 600 families.


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“I cannot think of another country in the modern western world where half of the population lives in villages and grows food”. The Peasant’s Box is “this great service where [the product] comes to your door step every week.” Ronen Hirsch – founding member of The Peasant’s Box