Thousands of meals
across Italy and Europe,
telling the culinary
traditions of thousands
of families.

A project by
Matera 2019,
European Capital
of Culture

Mammamiaaa is a celebration of food and relationships, it’s about a connection to a place, and a bridge between the generations.

Between now and the summer of 2019, thousands of meals are organised across Italy and Europe in a spirit of conviviality. At each meal, family members and guests share stories about food and cooking.

Mammamiaaa is a project of Matera 2019, European Capital of Culture. It is one of the projects in the “Roots and Routes” theme.

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Told so far
Told so far

How does it work?

1. You have a family recipe that you want to share

2. You decide to organise a mammamiaaa dinner inviting family and friends

3. All your guests participate in the preparation of the dish (one of them, the storyteller, records everything)

4. The dinner takes place, everyone enjoys and shares on social media

5. The storyteller sends the material to the communication team

6. Mammamiaaa shares on its channels and the organiser becomes part of the digital archive

7. Each dinner becomes a tangible memory, a ceramic plate

8. All plates together compose a huge installation in Matera

The meals

Becoming part of the Mammamiaaa community is very simple, anyone can join! You just need a family recipe, a story linked to it, and the desire to share and document both at a meal which you host.

The meal is arranged for friends and family, during the preparation (and then during the meal) it is important to record everything with photos and videos. These will be shared on Facebook and Instagram and your recipe will become part of the great digital archive of Mammamiaaa.

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Thousands of dinners to generate thousands of recipes and stories, all documented online and through social channels, creating a big digital community and online archive.

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U Paràt, the installation

As analogic memory of the project, every recipe becomes a ceramic tile, to create a huge installation in the historic center of Matera: U Paràt, placed in Belvedere Luigi Guerricchio.
In U Paràt people will also discover the plants that families from all across Europe use everyday to cook their beloved recipes.

The Atlas of Social Food

As a legacy of Matera 2019, an Atlas of Social Food has been created. A platform curated by John Thackara, made up of three parts:

  • an atlas of social projects linked to food, with the aim to make them visible and findable;
  • a forum in Basilicata of European social food curators to share good practices;
  • the publishing of the Social Food Green Paper.

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U Iurt di Mammamiaaa, the learning garden

U Iurt is the learning garden of Mammamiaaa, a “living recipebook” in which learn to love the land and discover the plants used in the recipes collected in the digital archive.

Placed in Agoragri, community garden in Viale Italia, Matera, U Iurt  will be the scene for a series of family-friendly events

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La Uasciazz, the great dinner of Mammamiaaa

In september 2019 more then 800 people from Basilicata and Europe met in Matera for “La Uasciazz” a great joyful dinner, in which everyone shareed recipes linked to family  stories, to celebrate food and relationships.

Here the video of “La Uasciazz”!

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