What they say about us

February, 2019


The famous american magazine GQ talks about Mammamiaaa

December, 2018

La Cucina Italiana

Fiammetta Fadda interview Andrea Paoletti about Mammamiaaa

November, 2018

TG2 Dossier

The national channel of Rai 2 interview the participants of a Mammamiaaa dinner in Casa Netural

The Alternative Uk

Mammamiaaa: one of the most interesting projects about food and community

Melandro News

Mammamiaaa goes to Sant’Angelo Le Fratte, the village of cellars

Potenza News

Mammamiaaa: From Europe to Basilicata to share recipes and family stories

Matera Life

Food is culture, Mammamiaaa becomes a european project

Sassi Live

Mammamiaaa: Casa Netural launches the project in Europe with a Mammamiaaa Day Europe

Radio Laser

Mammamiaaa lands in Europe, soon the first Mammamiaaa Day Europe!


Mammamiaaa: the experience you don’t have to lose in Matera.

Tg3 Mezzogiorno Italia

Rai3, the regional television, interview Andrea Paoletti about Mammamiaaa

September, 2018


Sassilive: Mammamiaaa Day, Torino and Matera

Giornale mio

Giornale mio: Mammamiaaa day, Torino and Matera

La Siritide

La Siritide: Mammamiaaa day, Torino and Matera

Matera Life

Matera Life : Mammamiaaa day, Torino and Matera

Italian Food Experience

Italian Food Experience: Mammamiaaa day, Torino and Matera

All events in Torino

All events in Torino: Mammamiaaa day, Torino and Matera

August, 2018


Rai 1, the national television interview Andrea Paoletti, coordinator of Mammamiaaa

July, 2018

La Siritide

Mammamiaaa strikes Basilicata

Giornale mio

Mammamiaaa involves every town of Basilicata in Matera 2019

Brent & Michael are going places

The guests of Casa Netural share their memories about a Mammamiaaa dinner

Radio Senise

Mammamiaaa conquers Basilicata

June, 2018

Radio 101

Mammamiaaa: social dinners made for families

Matera Inside

Mammamiaaa: one of the big projects of Matera 2019

I Like Milano

Milan: Matera 2019 and Casa Netural present Mammamiaaa

Guida Viaggi

Mammamiaaa, an example of the big projects of Matera 2019

Il Resto Quotidiano

Milan: a preview of Mammamiaaa, the project of Matera 2019

May, 2018


Guest of Gustibus, La 7, Andrea Paoletti explaines the project Mammamiaaa

Daily Food

Mammamiaaa collects recipes and family stories through all Europe

Matera Social

Mammamiaaa goes to Milano Food City

Design at Large

Mammamiaaa: Food and design to create a new type of culture

Vie del Gusto

The dinners of Mammamiaaa at Milano Food City

Si può fare

Andrea Paoletti explaines how to participate to Mammamiaaa at Radio24

La Repubblica

Mammamiaaa at Milano Food City


Mammamiaaa, among the events you shouldn’t miss at Milano Food City

April, 2018

Radio Orf.at Austria

Austria: Orf Radio talks about Mammamiaaa

Vogue Italia

Mammamiaaa among the event of Matera 2019 you shouldn’t miss